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Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail in use as a result of punctures, impact damage, improper inflation or other conditions resulting from use. Tire failure may create risk of properly damage or personal injury. To reduce the risk of tire failure and for your safety and comfort, we strongly recommend the following

Wheel mounting

Never mount a tire on a rim that is damaged or which has been repaired by welding or brazing.

Tire should only be mounted by professionality trained persons.

Do not mix different tire size designations or construction on the same axle,-except for limited use of temporary.

Outer diameter of wheel should be the same as inner diameter of tire.


Objects in the road such as potholes, glass, metal, rocks, wooddebris, curbstones and such, which could damage a tire should be safety avoided. And please decrease the speed while driving under atrocious weather and poor terrain condition.

To preserve traffic safety and tire life, ZC Rubber recommends driving safety and avoiding hard acceleration, braking or cornering in unnecessary situations.

If you feel the car is unstable or feel any unusual noises orvibrations, stop your car in safe place and inspect yourtires. Even if no visible defects are found, drive slowly and ask your dealer to inspect your tires as soon as possible.

Tire pressure

Make sure to follow instructions in the car owner's manual or on the vehicle tire information placard in the car to maintain proper tire pressure (Particularity driving on highway and/or when carrying heavy loads).

Never bleed or reduce air pressure when tires are hot from driving.

Over- or under-inflation pressure (including spa tire) at least once a month and before every long trip.

Never inflate beyond275 kPa(2.75bar, 40psi)to seat beads.

Tire inflation should be done in a safety cage.

Winter tire

Winter tires(studless, stud or snow tires) should not be mixed with other types of tires.

New winter tire should not be driven over 80km/h for the first100km.

When driving on winter roads, sudden starts and quick stops should be avoided.

Tire chains

When using tire chains be sure to use the proper size chains and affix with priority to the drive axle.

Avoid driving with tire chains for long distance on roads with no packed snow or ice.

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