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Westlake Tyre Launching Online VR Showroom

January 15 , 2021


Westlake Tyre is launching an online VR Showroom for the official websites, bringing a new virtual and immersive online experience with more than 50 of its best tyre products.

The immersive, 360-degree VR experience will allow users to experience each virtual tyre up close. By moving forward and zooming around, users can explore tyre details from different angles to get a real sense of the tyre, along with specs highlighting the unique features. Additionally, users can also learn more through introduction videos and product descriptions.

The VR Showroom will exhibit three types of tyres, consumer (PCR/LTR) tyres, commercial truck (TBR) tyres, and OTR tyres displayed in series according to different scenarios. 

Westlake Tyre Launching Online VR Showroom

Westlake Tyre Launching Online VR Showroom

Users will also experience the history and culture of ZC Rubber while immersing themselves in a virtual company headquarters building. 

“We are thrilled to create a highly engaging online tyre tour for users around the world to see and learn more about our tyres in an easier way safe at home. This VR Showroom allows us to interact with our customers and end-users like never before.” ZC Rubber said. “We are also thinking about bringing our smart factory to the public through VR in the future. “

Beginning January 15, users will be able to experience the VR Showroom from their smartphone, tablets, and computers by visiting the official websites of Westlake(www.westlaketyre.com).


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