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Lowering Car Emissions with EU Tyre Labels

The EU has committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Reducing CO₂ emissions from road transport plays a major part in fulfilling these goals.

Choosing more fuel-efficient tyres can contribute to reducing transport emissions. In order to help consumers make informed decisions, the EU is introducing a new labelling scheme for tyres which will come into force on May 1, 2021.

The EU tyre label will allow EU consumers to choose more fuel-efficient tyres, which can lead to great savings for both end users and commercial users in terms of both costs and emissions. Road safety is improved through better wet grip while information on noise levels help reduce traffic-related noise pollution.

The New EU Tyre Label

Under the new regulation, bus and truck tyres will also be covered (tyre class C1, C2, C3).

Additional information (tyre type identifier = art. no.).

In addition to the standard label, there are also options for including icons relating to severe snow conditions (3PMSF) and/or grip in icy conditions (for C1 tyres only).

Noise classes: ABC replace sound waves.

Reclassification for lower label classes:
D is the new E; Class D no longer empty (for C1 & C2 tyres only); F and G merge to form E.

QR code for each tyre type identifier with link to EU product database (EPREL).

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