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Westlake tire to be the supplier of taxis in Bangkok, Thailand
Release time: March 30 , 2018 Reading volume: 2165

Bangkok ,Thailand—ZC Rubber had expanded its tire supplies to All Thai Taxi, a large taxi company in Bangkok, Thailand owns 500 Hybrid taxis, to provide premium Westlake tires and excellent service for them.

The selected Westlake PR18 is premium all-season tire with M+S rated offering consistent highway performance. Improved tire structure guarantees a comfort and smooth ride for all the customers.

With safe and value, Westlake tires are committed to provide Thai drivers and customers with better quality service and improve the fuel efficiency to friendly protect the local environment. “Tires are important to the vehicle's safety and functionality. We believe that we have the best selection of quality tires to fit taxi as well as their driving style.”

ZC Rubber not only supplies the high-performance tires, but also provides training service, introducing the product covering tire failure and tire maintenance for all the taxi drivers. “We always try to help drivers learn more about the tires, which greatly ensure optimum tire performance and improve the driving safety on the road. Training programs will also be offered in the future.”

ZC Thailand was built in 2015, focusing on tire R&D and production, and it offers abundant and customization products to meet local demand in Thailand. Furthermore, two Auto Space stores in local market also improve the tire service for customers. “With the support of ZC Thailand factory and Auto Space store in Thailand, excellent service in local market will be enjoyed widely by all the local customers. We will also perfect the service and further expand the Auto Space stores in local market. ”


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