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Westlake tire has cooperated with TIP Trailer Services in Scandinavia
Release time: February 10 , 2018 Reading volume: 1034

ZC Rubber's Westlake tires and TIP Trailer Services Nordic, the transport equipment leasing company in Scandinavia, have reached an agreement covering the purchase and use of a significant amount of Westlake Tires.

The extensive amount of tires will be supplied for use at TIP Trailer Services workshops in sites in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden by DSV Road NV, the exclusive distributor of the Westlake brand in Scandinavia.

“The performance of the Westlake tires, followed closely by our organisation, has made us choose the brand for obvious reasons. The tire is performing very well and is a strong value-for-money product, which is the reason why we have added Westlake to our tire portfolio.” states Martin Nielsen, country operations manager of TIP Trailer Services Sweden.

The vice president of ZC Rubber Ge Guorong shares that “The customer’s approval is the best proof on our products quality. New Westlake series is the upgrade version with safe and value and are recognized by more and more fleets in global market, especially Europe, to bring exceptional quality for them and meet their demands.”

“This is a great significant step for Westlake Tires and DSV in extending its partnerships and promoting Westlake Tires in Scandinavia.” Says Flemming Steiness, general manager of DSV Equipment. DSV has extremely satisfied with the performance of Westlake Tires on its own fleet since 2012. In 2016, DSV acquired the exclusive distribution rights for the ZC Rubber-produced Westlake tire brand.

“We will closely concern on changing demand in the tire market and expect to further build relationship with more OE customers, providing target products with superior quality and improved service for them.” Ge Guorong states.

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