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WESTLAKE Unveils EV Tire Series at Tire Cologne 2024
Release time: June 11 , 2024 Reading volume: 88


Cologne, Germany – WESTLAKE proudly announced the launch of its latest electric vehicle (EV) tire lineup at The Tire Cologne 2024. With the theme “E-Mobility Is Coming Your Way”, ZC Rubber introduced two innovative products, including the highly anticipated WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV, alongside the upgraded EV editions of WESTLAKE ZuperAce Z-007 EV Ready, injecting new vitality into the electric vehicle tire sector.

The unveiling of the WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV marked a significant moment in the event, featuring ZC Rubber's Vice President, Mr. Zhiqiang Jiang and Mr. Henry Shen, alongside renowned Arsenal Legend soccer star, Mr. Robert Pirès. Their joint appearance underscored the tire's premium features and highlighted the strong partnership between ZC Rubber and Arsenal, representing a fusion of expertise, innovation, and sporting excellence.

WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV: Professional EV Tire Choice


Engineered specifically for professional electric vehicle applications, the WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV showcases cutting-edge technologies aimed at elevating the EV driving experience while prioritizing environmental sustainability. 

Notable innovations include Zuper-Silent technology, utilizing noise-absorbing foam, 3D noise control sound bolts, and a unique anechoic chamber design to effectively reduce tire noise. The tire also boasts superior performance with BPOT technology, ensuring excellent handling with a 5% larger contact area at high speeds compared to conventional tires. The Hybrid Formula provides optimized grip and stability. Additionally, the WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV excels in efficiency with its DMOT design theory and Gen II Hybrid Silane tread compound, reducing rolling resistance and increasing mileage by 10%. 

These advancements have earned the tire the highest grade A/A/A on the EU tire label for energy efficiency, wet grip, and external rolling noise.



WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV Ready: Ultra-High Performance Tire Adapted for EVs and Hybrid Vehicles

Building on the success of the WESTLAKE ZuperAce Z-007, ZC Rubber has also introduced two upgraded EV edition: the WESTLAKE ZuperAce Z-007 EV Ready and the GOODRIDE Solmax 1 EV Ready. The new EV Ready series builds upon the outstanding dry and wet performance of its predecessors, while integrating improved environmental properties and comfort characteristics. These tires feature upgraded EV tread compound technology, engineered to reduce rolling resistance while maintaining high mileage and enhancing overall performance. Designed for electric or hybrid vehicle users, they ensure a smoother and more efficient driving experience.


Mr. Zhiqiang Jiang, Vice President of Zhongce Rubber Group (ZC Rubber), stated, “Our new EV tire series represents years of dedicated effort by our team, specifically designed to meet the demands of the electric vehicle market. We are committed to enhancing tire performance, safety, and comfort, while ensuring outstanding environmental protection and energy-saving features. Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate and introduce more high-performance products to meet the expectations of users worldwide.”


Mr. Henry Shen, Vice President of Zhongce Rubber Group (ZC Rubber), shared his excitement about the new launches: “We're thrilled to introduce our latest EV tire technologies, marking a significant leap in our mission to enhance electric vehicle performance. The WESTLAKE ZuperAce EV and our upgraded EV-ready tires are crafted to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and safety, catering directly to the needs of electric vehicle owners.”

He further emphasized, “The presence of Mr. Robert Pirès alongside our unveiling underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and premium quality. This collaboration with Arsenal truly showcases our tire's ability to deliver top-tier performance and reliability.”


Mr. Akos Barcsik, Vice President of ZC Rubber Europe, reiterated the company's commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market: “These products underscore our dedication to delivering unmatched driving performance tailored specifically for EV owners, while also prioritizing customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility in the European market.”

For more information about WESTLAKE and its new EV tire lineup, please visit www.westlaketyre.com.

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